Our Services

Dedicated Business Hosting, Hosting Management
and Data Backup and Recovery Services

Our Dedicated Business Hosting, Hosting Management and Data Backup and Recovery Services are Tailor Made to the Unique Requirements of Your Business.

Our complete suite of website management and domain maintenance tools helps you build a powerful brand image, ensure availability and consistent performance 24/7, set up robust protect, recover and backup for your website data, making it easier to manage and maintain your online presence.

It’s not just website hosting – It’s everything that you need to build a consistent brand image in the  World  Wide Web!

Here is a quick overview of the services we offer:

Business Hosting

Business Hosting

It’s not just the look and functionality of your website that increases sales and traffic – the performance, network retention and site availability are key factors as well.

Slinky Web Hosting offers a complete suite of business hosting services, offering a multitude of advantages within a single plan to maintain a consistent brand image with convenience, consistency and flexibility. Our business hosting service offers:-

  • Dedicated server support
  • Premium bandwidth and storage limit
  • Multi domain support
  • Complete security with powerful SSL certification
  •  A long list of analytic tools and automated features
  • 24/7 live support from our experts and much more!

Data Recovery and Backup Services

Data Recovery and Backup Services

Our dedicated backup and recovery solutions ensure you receive the best in functionality and usability without compromising your customer service and data integrity.

Partnering with the industry leading R1 Soft backup software, we set up a robust backup and recovery control system for your website that will take care of everything from configuration and tracking to implementation. With our web hosting service you can edit, manage and monitor your website like a pro and create backups on the server in minutes to ensure data security at all times.

Hosting Management

Hosting Management

Our feature rich virtual server management and support guarantees powerful administration and one touch control of multiple servers, giving you the feasibility you need to maintain a consistent web presence.

Monitor everything from site traffic, data retention, server space available to bandwidth usage using a central mechanism and tailor your website for top notch performance round the clock, 360 days a year.

Contact us now to make your personal or corporate website an instant success with the leading web hosting services in Australia.