Web Databases

A website has a lot of information that has to be accumulated from different sources to present a whole picture. The importance of databases in the working of a website cannot be understated. A website needs to access a database for recording and generating orders, customer information, and product specifications. There are a number of…


Web Server Location

The Internet is considered to be the fastest medium of communication that is available for general use all over the world. Hence, clients seeking web hosting services were initially well served through host servers located anywhere on the planet. However, the Internet revolution has occurred and chugged along in a lopsided manner. While there has…


Australian Web Hosting

Australia has a variety of web hosting service provider’s base, on different platforms. This has expanded the options available locally for Australian web masters. The web space available depends on the different plans that are opted for by the clients. Modern web hosting services provide free web site space, along with the regular site services.…


Advancements In Web Hosting

There has been huge advancement in web hosting business in terms of technology and the business processes involved. The launch of cloud computing techniques in February 2008 and rapid growth of virtualization method has been the notable features. The spurt in such services has been due to the insatiable demand for space. Cloud computing involves…


Website Hosting Control Panels

While looking up for web hosting services, web masters must obtain a clear understanding of the nature of their proposed website and the type control, they would like to have over the possible changes to be incorporated. Websites differ in the type of upgradation required over the time. Some may have a constant requirement of…


Web Hosting Tools And Services

Earlier web hosting was meant to hire computer memory for ones website. However, with advances in technology and decrease in hardware prices, hosts have been providing increasingly ready made features, to attract potential clients. Microsoft Windows is one of the operating systems commonly used on servers by web hosts. It supports advanced technologies like Cold…

The Best Web Hosting Panels

The control panel is one of the most important features of any web hosting service. The right control panel can make website management easy, simple and straightforward and give you access to an array of features and functionality to manage your website like a pro.

What is a Control Panel?

A control panel in essence is an in-built tool that you can use for managing and maintaining your website and administering all the basic jobs such as adding domain names, viewing visitor statistics and disk space and upload and edit any files or content on your website.

Setup New Email Address Using cPanel

Having a dedicated business email comes with an array of benefits. You can communicate more effectively and get generous disk space, you can schedule team tasks, appointments and meeting with your team members and collaborate with everyone seamlessly an also present a more brand centric, credible and professional image of your business.

cPanel based hosting offers one of the most simple, easy and quick ways to set up as many email addresses that you want in mere minutes and use them to your advantage in sharing data and information whenever you want and wherever you are and stay connected with your colleagues and customers with an array of benefits.